Hospitality Business required  your guests should be comfort with a convenient, personalized experience whether they are eating at a restaurant, enjoying in park, games amusement, Health club or staying at a resort & Hotel with their family. Today required continue using   the latest technology solutions to keep up with changing consumer preferences and increasing demands.

Pegasus offers Phomello hospitality solutions designed to enhance the customer experience and increase staff & employees efficiency. Phomello provides with various technology including cloud and gives solution to enterprise to standalone business owners. Phomello Hospitality gives modules Inventory Management, POS, Ticketing system, Access Control, Hotel Management, recipe Management, delivery management and Production management etc.

Phomello offers a range of software, hardware and related services along with rapidly growing cloud solutions to manage hotels, games Amusement, Park, Debit Card system, food & beverage facilities, and retailers. Phomello proven and innovative technologies are built with deep domain expertise and are in use across 500 customer sites in 15  countries.