In the past year we have grown and changed to more customer focused culture in Pegasus. We have invested in and built in a stronger Pegasus, which ready and able to Successfully lead in our marketplace by delivering value added products and services.

We have made several achievements and in the future we intend to continue our steady growth and expansions in the Middle East to meet our business objectives and service our strategic plans. We will continue to add new valuable clients updating Pegasus products and services through Pegasus brand recognition among decision makers. We will continue to deliver innovation across all of our offerings. We are confident in our ability to continue to make good progress in the coming years.

All of us at Pegasus are determined to make the coming years a progress and growth for the company. I would like to thank all our employees for their commitment in helping Pegasus to transform into a truly customer-focused company and delivering innovation at all time.


Our strategy remains geared towards offering better and faster access to the latest generic products ahead of the competition and a wide portfolio of affordable and high-quality.

Our priorities for 2006 include capitalizing on the high level of synergy between our new businesses, allowing us to offer the inherent benefits to our customers. Building on our more recent acquisitions we intend to move further into the Middle East market, as well as Central Europe and EU accession countries. At the same time we aim to advance organic growth and relationships with customers in existing markets.

Pegasus is now more united in its vision than ever before and the organization streamlined and structured for constant growth. I am confident that our strong customer focus and the dedicated and ambitious nature of our staff will continue to fuel the expansion of our business.

I hope you find technologies and capabilities of interest here, and that these interests may plant the seed for a productive relationship between Pegasus and you in the future. We look forward to hearing from you.