Data Collector

Pegasus Data collector designed to improve productivity, powerful mobile applications in the hands of workers who can use this smart handheld mobile computer with fast and easy data access. Wireless communications and advanced power efficiency ensures that your work isn't interrupted by a power failure or data loss. An optimal combination of functionality, value, and features in a rugged, ergonomic form, Data collector are ideal to accelerate complicated work and quickly deploy integrated.

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Pegasus DC7010 is a portable data terminal with cradle & battery-operated data collector with look-up function. Equipped with a high quality laser engine, the ergonomic-built data terminal offers its users with efficiency and comfort, and is idea..

Pegasus DC8050 is RF-PDA combine's wireless scanner and common wireless collector functions, users can use it without any programs. RF-PDA with keyboard and screen can type the codes when it can't be decoded. It can shows the wireless channel, wirele..

Pegasus iDC-3500 data collector is portable and compact in size. Its suitable to operate in deverse working environment. Light weight design contributes to excellent mobility. It decodes all major 1D barcodes symbologeis GS1 Data bar. High in perform..

Pegasus PS1218 is perfect portable and companion scanner for enterprise scale, its support ios and android with data collector functionality and connect with blue tooth.Your staff can easily use with smart phone like android tablet and iphone in..

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