Power your business with Pegasus Software’s

Explore our suite of software offerings to see how you can easily:

• Integrate devices together, into your business environment and into custom application.

• Enterprise Cloud Pryce ERP for various industries like retail, Oil & Gas, Construction, Distributor and Hospitality industries.

• Phomello series provides retail and various hospitality solution including Games Amusement, entertainment park, Health club and food court.

• iVanPOS design for van management sales for food traders and manufactures.

• iDatacollector make easy development on android platform for mobility application.

Design, manage, integrate and develop your way to higher productivity. We also have a full Development Services team to support your business environment.

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BarDesigner design for Bar Code printing for BP4 barcode printer series, user can easily integrated with Oracle, SAP adn Microsoft dynamics r and  easy to work  with all database...

Pegasus engaged in providing management and software consultancy as well as implementing ERP Solutions. The Pryce ERP Software has been well received and rank high in meeting user expectations. We specialized and expert in Customized ERP Solutio..

Route accounting and van management systemRobust iVanPOS Cloud has been designed for food manufacturers and Food suppliers. Built with latest technologies and great idea, iVanPOS is a low cost investment and easy to use with minimum IT management. Us..

Pegasus Assets Management SystemPegasus Assets lets you define the rules while delivering the latest state-of-the-art asset management capabilities. The system has designed for today’s dynamic businesses requiring real time information on an extens..

Pegasus ID Card Management SystemPegasus ID Card software incorporates user-friendly card design and automation tools with database connectivity and a sophisticated information management platform. Pegasus ID Card is compatible with virtually all ..

Pegasus Inventory Management SystemPegasus Retail offers you the great inventory management system which makes Pegasus so powerful. It has all the features required to help you manage your inventory most efficiently - whatever products you deal in. ..

Queue busting simply refers to the means necessary in order to cut down on how long a customer will have to wait for a certain service. By automating this process, a worker can utilize a Mobile POS system in order to handle certain parts of a transac..

Pegasus Retail Management SystemPegasus Retail gives you excellent analysis and reports and even allows you to generate multi-dimension reports for Sales analysis, performance, Productivity analysis. Pegasus Retail offers a great set of features wh..

Pegasus SF-PC01 Price checker Software for Windows CE 6.00 OS supported. SFPC01 easy configuration and integration with client ERP database like oracle and SQL.Pegasus SF-PC01 managed with middle ware software which make sure instant price display fr..

Phomello Android : Revolutionary Android POS Solution The basic requirement of any hospitality industry is a management system that is designed to meet its key business demands and to increase the profitable growth of its business. Finally, a P..

Phomello Complete Hospitality Solution Phomello Hospitality Solution is for Restaurants and all Food Service Specialties. Phomello Hospitality Solution is an integrated solution that fits into any Delivery, Dine-In, Fine Dine-In, QSR, Casual Dine-In ..

TimeMan : Time Attendance & Payroll SolutionsTimeMan System provides time and attendance software solutions for small to enterprise organizations in nearly every industry. TimeMan System has helped organizations and enhances the performance of em..

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