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Keep protected with Pegasus Superior care

Healthcare centers and physician offices can use Pegasus products throughout their facilities to provide excellent patient care to streamline internal processes.

Improve the health of your information by easily and accurately producing barcode labels in your lab, pharmacy, materials management operations– even at the patient's bedside. Strengthen safety and security with legible, barcoded patient wristbands and secure employee ID cards. Quickly and accurately identify, track, and secure personnel, victims, and assets with rugged printers.

Pegasus’s mobile printers print delivery invoices or patient instructions, as well as uphold patient safety when printing barcoded labels on specimen collection draws. Improve efficiency and safety throughout the lab by identifying specimens the moment they are drawn until disposal with labels built for harsh storage and testing.

Enterprise Time & Attendance S..

Enterprise Time & Attendance Solution

MODEL: Enterprise Time & Attendance Solution

TimeMan is a web based, Reliable, Fast & Easy to use attendance Solution. This Solution is our core retail, restaurant and government operations offering. It is flexible to use and can easily be set up to support a broad variety of attendance concepts ..

PQB42 Wireless Queue System..

Pegasus PQB42 Queue Management System is fast intelligent queue management system is a set of services to solve the queuing problem Hall program, to provide users with multi-machine network, multi-service, multi-queue, multi-priority queuing algorithms to solve real business issues of admissibility...

TimeMan :  Enterprise Cloud Ti..

Timeman - Cloud Attendance Sys..

MODEL: TimeMan : Enterprise Cloud Time Attendance System

Timeman - Cloud Attendance System, 1 Users, 50 Employees , 1 Machines -1 year  License..

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