Web Portals

Development with perfect blend of skill, expertise and excellence

Need a portal that caters to a particular market segment? 

Need an enterprise portal that serves your own industry but covers numerousbusinesses and segments? 

Want a platform that distributes information on a large scale? 

Want a platform that brings together different information sources in a unifiedway? 

Looking for powerful web enterprise solution that goes well beyond the scope ofa conventional website?

If yes, than Pegasus is the right answer forweb portal development solution

Pegasus offers a wide range of services thatincludes web portal design and development, application architecture,implementation and maintenance. Our mission is to stay informed and updatedwith latest trends and technologies available in the market, so that we developcustom web solutions that beat the competition.

Our highly expert professionals and efficient project development execution process makes us best portal development company.

Exclusive Benefits of Enterprise Web Portal

·   Robustand rational platform for information management

·   OneTouch access to all business systems and processes

·   Apotential solution for technology integration issues witnessed by a business

·   Bestfit to the complex business environment

·   Leaveroom for further development or reform of the business

Today people need information sharing forfaster job performance in each area of business. We value our customer'srequirement and design portal based solution for information sharing inintranet, extranet or internet environment. Some of the services we provide inportal solutions are :

·   Shareand access information using one space

·   Integrationwith older system

·   Integrationwith corporate website

·   Integrationwith business reporting and tools

·   Easy toAccess

·   24/7Support

·   Up-gradationon Demand


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