Customize Web Based ERP

Our ERP is web based and cost-effective for any enterprise

In this era of technology success ERP must be needed to everyone company who are either used small business line ERP or very large integrated customised ERP solution. 

Pegasus implements the ERP solution for any enterprise afterthoroughly studying the organisation needs and requirements.

ERP is applicable for all organisation irrespective of theirsize to converge the activities with a central control on the information flow.

We are the leading builder of the ERP for :

·   HotelManagement

·   SchoolManagement System

·   CampusSuite

·   CourierSoftware

·   VendorsSolutions

·   TrackingManagement

·   Retail

·   Distribution

·   Food& Beverage

·   Fashion

·   Equipment

·   Healthcare

·   Electronics

·   Fabrication


·   Easytask management

·   Centralised database

·   Uniformaccess to resources

·   Lowoperating cost

·   Preventdata redundancy

·   Effortlessdecision making

·   Multilanguage support

·   multi-currencysupport

·   SOA

We ensure the best communication adaptation of the ERP module.Itstreamlines all the geographically scattered business information across allthe functional units. Enterprise resource planning software helps to improvethe quality of the business by efficiently managing the data flow.


·   Automationof business process

·   Efficientoperation

·   Easyaccess to information

·   Improvevisibility

·   Achieving organisation and financial goals

·   SimplifiedComplex multi-level organisation

·   Reducedoperating cost

·   Reducedhuman errors


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