Pegasus Cloud Assets Management System (SF-A02)

Model: Pegasus Assets Management System

An Asset Tracking System combines desktop software, RFID, Barcode Scan..

Barcode Mobile Label printing App, Android OS, Supported Zebra and Pegasus printers (SF-MLBL)

Model: SF-MLBL

Built for Business - Durable and easy to use The Pegasus Mobile Label..

CMS Application Website-Android-iPhone Application (PEG-MOB-CMS)

Model: Hybrid

CMS Application Including  Website-Android-iPhone Application. Ca..

Easy Data Collector for stock checking and collection - Standalone - Android App (SF-DATACOLLECTOR)


Overview  : Sf-Datacollector is data collection application, ..

iDataCollector Mobility Stocking, warehousing customize Software for android (SF-IDATACOLLECTOR)

Model: iDataCollector

iDataCollector is a perfect solution for almost any tracking applica..

iVanPOS System - Van Management System

Model: iVanPOS System

Route accounting and van management systemRobust iVanPOS Cloud has bee..

Pegasus Queue Busting Solution(SF-QBUST)

Model: Pegasus Queue Busting Solution

Queue busting simply refers to the means necessary in order to cut dow..

Pegasus SF-PC01 Price Checker Middle Ware Software

Model: Pegasus Price Checker (SF-PC01)

Pegasus SF-PC01 Price checker Software for Windows CE 6.00 OS and andr..

Phomello Complete Hospitality Solution (PHW-REST01)

Model: PHW

Phomello Complete Hospitality Solution Phomello Hospitality Solution i..

Phomello Trigger-POS : GST Billing POS System Android APP (PHU-S01 /S02)

Model: Phomello Trigger-POS

Phomello Trigger-POS is the perfect solution for faster billing and cu..

Pryce – The Cloud ERP (SF-PRY1)

Model: SFPRY

Pegasus engaged in providing management and software consultancy as we..

RFID, Asset Tracking app , Easy excel upload,location, employee and department update for mobile computer android (SF-RFM01)

Model: SF-RFM01

RFID, Asset Tracking app , Easy excel upload,location, employee and de..

SuperRetail - Retail ERP for supermarket chain

Model: SuperRetail

Pegasus designed and developed the software by working with some of th..

TimeMan : Enterprise Cloud Time Attendance System (SF-TNA02)

Model: TimeMan : Enterprise Cloud Time Attendance System

TimeMan :  Enterprise Cloud Time Attendance SystemTimeMan System ..

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