Electronics Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) offer numerous benefits to retailers, including dynamic pricing, improved accuracy, and efficient updates. ESLs offer retailers a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing pricing, promotions, and product information, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

A dynamically displayed product and pricing information can be displayed on an Electronic Shelf Label, an alternative to traditional paper shelf labels, using e-paper technology and wireless communication. With the help of a central hub, prices and other information can be updated in real-time across all of a store's locations.

In consumer durable such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and television sets, printed labels are required for various purposes such as brief installation and usage instructions and protection covers. Label printing is also required for product codes and brand logos. Consumer durable need easily removable, transparent ( filmic label ) sticker labels, to protect surfaces and screens from damage.

Our Custom Labels are manufactured to meet customer specifications and requirements. All Label manufacturing processes are carried out in a clean, hygienic, centrally air conditioned environment which ensures superior sticker Labels quality.

As an additional benefit, Electronic Shelf Labels are energy-efficient and support sustainable operations by integrating seamlessly with inventory management systems. Providing customers with immediate access to current promotions and stock levels reduces manual Labour, ensures pricing accuracy, and enhances customer engagement.

Features of Electronic Shelf Labels:

Digital Display:

ESLs utilize electronic paper (e-paper) or electronic ink (e-ink) displays to show product information, including prices, promotions, and product details.

Wireless Connectivity:

ESLs are typically connected wirelessly to a central server or network, allowing for remote updates of pricing and information.

Dynamic Pricing:

Retailers can easily update prices in real-time, enabling dynamic pricing strategies based on factors like demand, competition, or time of day.

Efficient Updates:

Pricing changes and promotions can be implemented across the store quickly and without the need for manual labour to replace paper labels.

Integration with Retail Systems:

ESL systems often integrate with a retailer's existing inventory management, point-of-sale (POS), and pricing systems to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Long Battery Life:

ESLs typically have long-lasting Batteries, allowing them to operate for months or even years without needing replacement.

Clear Visibility:

E-ink displays provide clear visibility, even in various lighting conditions, and from different viewing angles, ensuring customers can easily read product information.

Environmental Sustainability:

ESLs reduce paper waste associated with traditional paper labels, contributing to environmental sustainability efforts.

Electronic Shelf Label Warehou..

Electronic Shelf Label Warehouse Solution

MODEL: Electronic Shelf Label Warehouse Solution

Implementing Pegasus Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) in a warehouse can significantly enhance operational efficiency, accuracy, and real-time data management.Warehouse, as a part of the logistics industry, has a long history. It has been developed over the years and become more and more mature. In re..

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