Product Outsource Development

We have strong industry experience

Pegasus is a leading Outsourced Product Development and IT Services company that provides full-spectrum software product development services to help organisation leverage leading-edge technologies for business improvement.

Pegasus’s end-to-end services include:

• Outsourced Product Development

• IT Services

• Managed Services

Pegasus’s clients benefit by:

• A drastic reduction in the product development cost by utilizing our offshore services.

• Availing facility for using our state-of-the-art infrastructure, and our advanced technology solutions.

• Dedicated teams provide the required flexibility and control over product architecture to ensure proper and efficient utilization of resources as per your specific needs and requirements.

• Commitment to the client’s intellectual property rights, and maintains project information confidentiality and trust.

• Outsourcing product development services provide quicker turnaround and reduced development time for your projects.

• Reliable and experienced quality testing services, in addition to a helpful and productive maintenance service that provides 24X7 support for all queries, problems and any software needs.

• Please contact us to get more details regarding our outsource product development services, processes, and methods. Contact us to find out how we can provide our product development services India.

Product Engineering Services

• Product Development – We provide development from architecture to release and partial or full product life cycle development based on your requirements and unique needs.

• Product Enhancement - We support product improvements and additional features based on market demand and specific client implementation.

• Product Migration – We undertake your entire process of migration of a fully developed client-server product to web technology, smart devices and mobile-enablement or from old technology to new technology platforms

• Product Testing - We assure your product quality by being your third party testing team, from unit and modular testing to performance and integrated functionality testing.

• Product Maintenance - We ensure that your clients have the valued post implementation support, we provide product maintenance services.

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