Smart Card

expertise in developing smart-card applications and solutions

Pegasus is a leader in developing and deploying SmartCard solutions. We offer the technology to achieve smart card implementations inIdentity, healthcare, PDS, Insurance, DL, telecom, transport and most sectorswith multi-applications for contact and contact less cards. 

Smart cards can provide identification, authentication,datastorage and application processing. Smart cards may provide strongsecurity authentication for single sign-on (SSO) within large organisations.

Our time SmartCard system support customized module like corebanking, campus card, Healthcare, transport, security sectors, A dedicatedservice team specializes in installation, on-site training, and support. 

Our Company has a strong history and expertise in developingsmartcard applications and solutions which meet the local Indian Client'srequirements.



·   Corebanking Cards

·    RSBY Cards

·    DL Card

·    LIC Cards

·    UID Cards

·    Proximity Cards

·    MI fare 1K/4K Cards

·    RFID Cards

·   SIM/USIMCards

·   TransportCards


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