Retail & Restaurant POS System series

Reliability is one of the most important performance factors for any point-of-sale (POS) device, for one very simple reason: if the system goes down, even for a few minutes, the store or restaurant cannot complete the transaction. When that happens, the customer is frustrated and customer loyalty falls, followed shortly by a decline in revenue.

Pegasus POS are designed and manufacturer to cater various business category including Retail and Restaurant, All POS system have unique feature accordingly business requirement.

Pegasus BestPOS-B8110 Flat Tou..

Pegasus BestPOS B8110 Series Solid aluminium casing, high quality components and a true flat splash-proof screen, all at a competitive price.It’s the professional quality touch EPOS system with beautifully integrated extras that does it all - in style.Pegasus BestPOS B8110 Series is the stylish late..

Pegasus EverPOS Pos System Ser..

Pegasus EverPOS SeriesNew Generation Pos Terminal for Restaurant and Retail Industries, Aluminum Casting and Rugged gives strong long use in Restaurant Industries. EverPOS comes with Tilt Customer display and MSR reader with i3/i5 and Quad Core CPU configuration. The EverPos touch monitor is designe..

Pegasus MN8320 All in one POS ..

The Pegasus MN8320 mini compact terminal will be appreciated by customers looking for smaller, yet powerful, mobile payment solutions. The device has an eight-core processor and 8GB of memory, so the accounting software is easy to install.The display is 11.6 "in size with HD resolution and IPS techn..

Pegasus RPOS 6000 Series..

Pegasus RPOS 6000 Series


The new RPOS 6100 fan free terminal offers a good combination of price and performance. The RPOS 6000 is a full-featured all-in-one POS terminal suit for variety of market segments. With the 15 inch Full-Flat LCD touch screen, RPOS 6000 provides better visual comfort for the user. With beautifully s..

Phomello TriggerPOS : GST  Bil..

1 Device - 1 year License(PHU..

MODEL: Phomello TriggerPOS

Trigger-POS  1 Device - 1 year  License..

SuperRetail -  Retail ERP for ..

Cloud Based report for SuperRetail, Client can manage online sales, Stock, Cashier activity and MIS reports...

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