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Pegasus is the Leading Provider of technology solutions. From enterprise infrastructure to retail store-level technology, Pegasus has an extensive team of dedicated professional.

Pegasus has a strong presence in the retail industry. We offer a full range of professional service to retailers. From business consulting to store networking, their services team has the training and experience needed to make technology successful.

Product Solutions

Product Services

Phomello Trigger-POS is the perfect solution for faster billing and customer service. Phomello Trigger-POS is indispensable in today’s retail and hospitality sectors. It is efficient, easy to use and ..

Pegasus's end-to-end retail IT solutions help our customers improve existing processes and deliver greater returns utilizing proven methodologies and industry best practices. Our solution set pro..

Built for Business - Durable and easy to use The Pegasus Mobile Label App makes professional label printing as easy and flexible as using your smartphone or tablet, and as powerful and secure. Incre..

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