Pegasus Oil & Gas Solution

We specialize in modernizing and streamlining existing systems and integrating new IT systems. Our goal to facilitate the production, distribution, sales and trading operations of oil and natural gas companies.

Pegasus partners with oil and gas producers, distributors and retailers, responding to the dramatic evolution of the oil and gas industry.

 Oil & Gas RFID Barcoding Asse..

Oil and gas exploration is a uniquely hazardous sector where commercial interests must always be balanced with safety of personnel and compliance with industry regulations. A Pegasus RFID tracking and audit system enables rigorous local and global health and safety standards to be met easily, wh..

RFID Asset Tracking Solution f..

RFID Asset Tracking Solution for Government

MODEL: RFID Asset Tracking Solution for Government

Identify, Track, & Audit AssetsRFID asset management can greatly help companies identify, track & audit a range of assets.RFID systems track all manner of assets but each type of asset has their own special challenges.Pegasus specialists in helping users implement RFID based asset manageme..

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