Pegasus AC110 4G Mobile Computer Helpful for every business

Posted by Dhara Parikh January 20, 2024, 7:30 am

A portable and industrial-grade smart handheld terminal is the Pegasus AC110. With its powerful functions, powerful configuration, and quad-core high-speed processor, it runs on the Android 7.1 operating system. GPS location, NFC reading and writing, a highly integrated 1D/2D scanning engine, and other features. It has good scanning capabilities and supports several data communication protocols, including 3G and 2G, Bluetooth, and WIFI.

1. Android 7.1 OS 

Give businesses a wide range of applications and a simple means of pursuing secondary development.

2. Qualcomm 8909 Cortex-A7 

Qualcomm's 8909 Cortex-A7 boasts a configuration that leads the industry and a skilled system optimization design. PDA offers enterprise users quick and reliable device operation.

3. Multiple Wireless Data Communication 

Low power consumption, quick connection, and reliable Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and 4G data transmission.

4. Long Lasting Data Capture Capabilities 

The terminal runs on a 3000mA 3.7V battery, which reduces the need for frequent battery changes and makes it simple to capture data for longer periods of time.

Small businesses can benefit from increased flexibility and productivity thanks to mobile computing. Mobile devices enable small businesses to access apps and information at any time, from any location. This can support companies in remaining aware of and receptive to the needs and opportunities of their customers. Because mobile computing eliminates the need for office space and equipment, it can also help businesses save money.

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The speed, accuracy, and quantity of tasks that mobile workers can accomplish each day can all be significantly increased by selecting the best kind of mobile computer for your needs. It can be difficult to locate the ideal mobile computer for your needs with the wide variety of models that are currently on the market.

Mobile Computer can be used for following purpose: 

  1. Asset Tracking

  2. Inventory Management 

  3. Warehousing

  4. Healthcare

  5. Use as mobile purpose

6. Courier and Delivery purpose