Kitchen Management Solution for Restaurant and Cafes

Posted by Dhara Parikh February 10, 2023, 10:17 am

In the modern era, new generation is so much addicted to outside foods. All restaurants and cafes having so much rush on every weekends.To avoid rush and maintain proper system we have a software solution. We are providing solutions for restaurants and cafes for better kitchen management. That solution will help to increase day-to-day customers and sales.
It will help to store your all day-to-day data and also you can generate daily or monthly sales reports, GST reports and Accounting as well.
We will provide you a POS that you can connect with Android and Windows both. You can connect 5 devices and 25 Users in loop from this software. That will help to avoid cash management and order management for Restaurants and Cafes. Our software solution will help to take orders from customers then it will print the order receipt in Kitchen so they can start preparing the order and after that if any customers want to add any more order then you can edit the order and save. After that when customer want their order then you can checkout from the device and the bill will print on the Reception Counter with GST and Taxes.