ID Card Security for Hospitals and It's importance

Posted by Ayushi Mishra September 20, 2018, 6:31 am

Nowadays Security has become main focus whether in Hospital, in government offices or any other sector. With the world falling apart at the seams, it is becoming readily apparent that security is needed in almost every sector of the economy, even hospitals. A high level of security is extremely important in a hospital or clinic setting, especially with a large number of people passing through these facilities at any given time. ID card systems instantly enhance visual security and provide proof of the person’s identity to administrators and patients who put their full trust in their healthcare providers. ID badges are not limited to solely increasing visual security. They can do so much more in terms of improving operations, efficiency, patient safety, and accuracy.

Different Forms of security in Hospitals are:

Staff ID : 

Staff ID is proper identification in health care setting is a key component of maintaining secure operations, particularly visual identification. ID cards can be worn by hospital or clinic staff at all times as well as can be given to patients during extended stays. Typically ID cards are worn on badge reels by the employee and should be highly visible to the patient and administration.

Store Patient Information:

Many medical facilities store data on patient cards to streamline the registration process and enable faster, more accurate record keeping, while also helping to cut down on the vast amounts of paperwork. Patient ID cards can also contain information such as the patient’s blood type any known diseases, disabilities & allergies to use in cases of emergency. These convenient patient cards can easily be kept in one’s wallet to present at future doctor’s visits. 

Visitor Badges:

Temporary badges are printed for guests as a way to ensure all visitors must first register at the reception area before gaining access to certain areas of a facility. This prevents potentially dangerous intruders from freely roaming the hospitality. One of the best ways to increase the level of security in a hospital or healthcare facility is to establish an effective visitor management system & ID cards are a vital part of this process.

Access Control:

Protecting authorized areas within a medical facility is crucial to everyone’s safety. For this reason, many hospitals & clinics take advantage of access control cards to ensure only authorized individuals are entering into the restricted area such as staff only room. As an access control card will prevent patients and unauthorized persons from gaining access to and compromising the security of the building.

Time & Attendance:

Many nurses & healthcare professional’s work as contractors & are often paid hourly. Time & attendance ID cards when integrated with time, tracking software, ensure that the person clocking in on their shift is there on time & has been accounted for.

Cashless Payment:-

You’ll find cafeterias a common sight at hospitals & clinics, where staff often will purchase lunch & dinner to get through their shifts. ID cards for staff, making payment a consolidated process that is managed much more effectively.

Why it is Important?  

Let us understand with the example:-

When victims of a violent crime will be admitted at a hospital, it does not necessarily mean that they are out of the woods. In the event that a perpetrator does not finish the job, a victim becomes the most vulnerable when they are admitted into a hospital. This brings us to our first point.

One of the most significant areas where security guards can make a difference is in preventing victims of violent crimes from being further traumatized. 

Nearly one and a half million violent crimes were committed in 2009, and there is no reason to assume that that number shrank in the last two years. Many times, if a criminal was unable to finish the job and they believe that the victim could identify them, they will go to great lengths to see that never happens. While an armed security guard is imposing, sometimes a well thought out security system, sans security guards, is all that is needed to keep a victim safe.

Hospital security guards can also come in handy in deterring break-ins and robberies. While it is true that there may not be a whole lot in the way of money to be stolen from a hospital, there are other high dollar items that can become targets of would-be thieves. 

With more and more people becoming dependent on drugs, any hospital pharmacy is a potential target. In fueling that their dependencies addicts also require needles and other paraphernalia. The plethora of high tech gadgetry can also be a draw to addicts, as these items can fetch a pretty penny on the black market. With the right system in place, these issues can become nonexistent.

While fewer than ten infants are kidnapped from hospitals each year, infant-napping is a problem. Numerically speaking, this might seem acceptable, but to the ten families that are affected, this statistic is less than satisfactory. 

A continuous, consistent security guard presence can make statistics such as these become history. In the event that a hospital becomes the center of attention due to an “incident,” security guards can come in handy when having to deal with crowd control. 

While reporters may just want to get “the scoop,” it is important to preserve the privacy of the victims and their families in their time of grief and sorrow.

The bottom line is that a hospital can never take their current security system for granted; they always ought to be looking for ways to improve. One such improvement is to create access zones where zones can only be accessed by personnel that has HID access cards. If it is impossible to mandate HID access cards for all personnel, then a hospital ought to ensure every employee’s uniform be equipped with badge holders. Badge holders come in many shapes and sizes and they are there to ensure that an employee’s id is always visible and easily read by anyone at any time. In designing your security system keep in mind that it might be economical to look into an id card printer.

Id card printers, coupled with id card software, can help to bring down your overall security costs. Oftentimes, depending on employee turnover, ids only have to be printed once and they can be used at multiple job sites. 

Obviously, due to the nature of the job, ids may tend to have a shorter lifespan than in other occupations; however, id card software can make id card reproduction a snap. Most id card printers these days are so easy to use that you shouldn’t have to hire someone to run it exclusively.

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