PVC ID Card Printer

Posted by Ayushi Mishra September 21, 2018, 12:21 am

PVC ID card printers are quality printers ideal for printing government ID credentials, student ID cards, employee ID cards and more. Let's check PVC ID Card printer uses in different kind of ID cards used by different sectors

All below cards can be printed by PVC ID Card Printer:-

Access Control Cards

There are several types of card technologies utilized for access control that can be tailored to just about any business or organization with controlled entry needs. Magnetic stripe cards store encoded information on a magnetic stripe which the reader decodes when swiped. Higher levels of security are provided by proximity cards, and contactless smart cards using RFID technology. These convenient and sophisticated cards are able to securely store encrypted information, and must simply be waived or tapped in front of a reader.

These are used mainly in Government ID credentials. Another common practice, especially for large corporations, is to include an embedded smart chip in the ID card. Smart cards such as these can be used not only to control access to buildings but also to company computers and networks.

Advancements in ID card technology have enabled card-based access control systems to become increasingly effective for a wide range of end users, securing office buildings, government facilities, and even college dormitories.

Access control systems allow for keyless entry to high-sensitivity areas, which means a special ID card is required to gain entry. Access control cards work in conjunction with card readers that are situated by entrances to buildings or high-security areas within a facility. The card is swiped or waved in front of the reader, which processes and verifies the information on the card before allowing access. This process is more secure than keyed entry because if an access control card is ever lost, or makes its way into the wrong hands, it can simply be deactivated. It’s also virtually impossible to duplicate the cards, unlike standard keys.

Photo ID Cards 

Photo identification is special authorizations as they contain a photo of the cardholder with other unique information such as name, address, job title or other data. This is one of the most famous and basic kinds of ID cards. These cards are usually made from PVC and then are laminated to protect the necessary information which is present on it. These cards serve many purposes due to their durability and security. These are used in many work areas for a high-security environment where identification is the essential task at hand. These ID card range from simple photo IDs right on up to high-tech multifunctional cards.

Cards with barcode magnetic stripe or smart card encoding increase the functionality of the card and these card design allows for integration with access control systems for buildings and computer networks, cashless payment, or time and attendance tracking. To create these cards PVC printer are required which can print durable plastic cards. 

Contactless smart cards

Contactless Smart cards or also known as Proximity cards are embedded with Radio Frequency (RF) technology, which enables them to be read from a distance as a cardholder passes by a card reader. These types of ID card are print on durable PVC plastic cards. ID card printers print using a process that either applies resin to the surface of a card, embedding the color through a process called dye sublimation, or prints images, graphics, and text on a special film which is then fused to the card in a process called reverse-transfer printing. The cards may be preprinted with common information such as a company logo, and then fed through the ID card printer to add each cardholder’s unique information. Depending on the type of printer and the features it supports, ID cards can be encoded and security overlaminates can be applied at the same time or in a separate pass.

Multifunctional Cards

The multifunctional Smart card is integrated for more than one use for ID badges, companies can both streamline operations and increase security. In other words, some companies with ID card programs find more than one way to take advantage of their system and maximize its use. A company can provide keyless payment, Cashless payment programs, Time & attendance tracking, Loyalty programs and memberships, Retail tags, Laundry services, Volunteer & visitor management, Passes & tickets. Smart card encoding technologies include Barcodes, Magnetic Strip Encoding, Proximity Cards, Contact Cards, Contactless Card, RFID Chips.

Visitor Management Cards

Visitor ID cards are issued when a person enters to the destination place and come in contact with reception or front desk. After knowing their purpose of visit Visitor ID cards is issued. If you’re part of an office environment and want to increase the level of security, then consider implementing a visitor management system. A visitor management system in an office can be instrumental to the safety of the building and its workers and can help ensure the security of restricted areas.