Cloud Android Attendance System provides Time and Attendance software solutions for small to enterprise organizations in nearly every industry. Cloud Android Attendance System has helped organizations and enhances the performance of employees, managers, and overall operations. Cloud Android Attendance System time and attendance software reduces the amount of time needed to prepare time sheets for payroll, improves workforce management, minimizes errors, and helps track and manage labor expenses.

SuperTime is an advanced attendance system designed to streamline the identification and verification process by analyzing facial and finger features, along with capturing live pictures and locations. This multifaceted approach ensures robust security authentication and enhances user experiences for various purposes.


SuperTime utilizes face and finger recognition technology to provide highly accurate attendance tracking, minimizing errors or discrepancies in attendance records.


Employees can effortlessly clock in and out using SuperTime by simply presenting their faces and fingers to the system, eliminating manual timekeeping processes and saving time for both employees and administrators.

Real-Time Tracking

SuperTime offers real-time data on employee attendance, enabling managers to promptly monitor attendance patterns and address any issues, ensuring compliance with work schedules.


SuperTime easily scales to accommodate organizations of all sizes, making it suitable for both small teams and large workforces without requiring significant adjustments.


With SuperTime, employees no longer need to carry physical credentials or remember passwords, leading to smoother entry and exit processes, especially in busy or high-traffic areas.

Attendance Tracking

SuperTime automates attendance tracking by capturing live pictures and locations as employees enter and exit the office, eliminating the need for manual timekeeping and reducing administrative overhead.

Time and Attendance Management

In addition to tracking attendance, SuperTime integrates with timekeeping systems to accurately record work hours, including late-ins, late-outs, and shifts. It also manages leave requests efficiently.

Salary Management

SuperTime generates detailed salary reports based on recorded work hours, ensuring accurate payroll processing.

Privacy Controls

SuperTime offers transparent and customizable privacy controls, allowing users to manage how facial data is collected, stored, and used, including options for opting out of facial recognition entirely.

Security and Authentication

SuperTime employs biometric authentication based on facial and finger features, providing secure and convenient login methods. It also supports multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Efficient Resource Allocation

By accurately tracking employee attendance and movement within the office, SuperTime provides valuable insights into resource utilization, facilitating efficient resource allocation and identifying areas for improvement.

Compliance and Reporting

SuperTime generates detailed reports on various aspects such as work hours, late-ins, late-outs, shifts, leave management, and salary, aiding in compliance efforts and internal auditing.

Trial Period 7 Days
Subscription 12 Months

Trial Period 7 Days, Subscription 12 Months


SuperTime Android Cloud Attendance System, 5 Users, 500 Employees , 5 Machines - 1 year License

Model No: Face Recognition Mobile Attendance system - SuperTime

SuperTime  Android Cloud Attendance System, 5 Users, 500 Employees , 5 Machines - 1 year License