Pegasus PS1600 2D Bluetooth wireless Barcode Scanner is new design item, adopt high-technology contact type charging base, plug and play. It is 2.4G paired dedicated receiver, Bluetooth BLE4.0. About 100m long transmission distance, stable wireless scanning.

2D Bluetooth wireless Barcode Scanner is our hot-selling item, best handheld QR Barcode reader can read various 1D & 2D barcode for inventory. Anti-fall and anti-seismic design, can withstand many times 3m drops. Inventory Barcode Scanner adopt high-technology design, the bottom of the base can slide up anddown, easy to use, Plug and Play.

- Wire Life is more durable.

- High-performance CMOS imaging technology.

- Plug and play, easy to operate and match quickly.

- Scanning code is fast and accurate, high cashier efficiency.

- New decoding chip can interpret various 1D and 2D barcode.


Model No: PS1600