Pegasus weighing Label scale is Innovation removable and renewable hot keypad design makes it easy to be replaced even if it is soaked. And PLU keys make it easy and quick to be operated, you don't need to memorize and input the serial commodity numbers, lest long queue in the shop. In addition, the hotkeys can be edited via PC software at any time to meet your needs and printed out immediately. With modularization printer design so that it can be replaced easily and quickly locally, the professional maintenance person is no needed.

PLS1100 weighing Label scale is a specialized type of digital scale designed to weigh items and print labels containing weight, price, and other relevant information. These scales are commonly used in Retail, Grocery stores, Delis, and manufacturing environments where precise weighing and labeling are critical.

High Accuracy and Precision:

Ensures accurate weight measurements for pricing and inventory management. Often includes fine-tuned sensors to provide precise readings.

Label Printing:

Integrated printers for producing labels with weight, price, date, and other customizable information. Supports various label formats and sizes.

User-Friendly Interface:

Digital displays with intuitive controls for easy operation. Touchscreens or keypads for entering data and managing settings.

Programmable Functions:

Ability to store and recall preset product information.Customizable settings for different types of items and pricing.

Connectivity and Integration:

Options for connecting to POS systems, computers, and other devices.Supports data transfer via USB, Ethernet, or wireless connections.

Tare Function:

Allows the scale to zero out the weight of containers, providing net weight of the contents. Essential for accurate pricing and weight measurement.

Durability and Build Quality:

Constructed from robust materials to withstand heavy use in commercial settings. Often includes features like water resistance or dust protection.

Regulatory Compliance:

Ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations for trade and commerce. Typically certified for use in commercial transactions.

Subscription 12 Months

Subscription 12 Months


Middleware Software price update for pls1100 Scale

Model No: PLS1100

Middleware Software  price update for pls1100 Scale