Route accounting and van pos management system

Robust iVanPOS Cloud has been designed for food manufacturers and Food suppliers. Built with latest technologies and great idea, iVanPOS is a low cost investment and easy to use with minimum IT management. Users can manage easily van stock, customer stock, customer orders, customer payments, Geo location for vans as well as customers outlets. iVanPOS provides great visibility for entire business process. Cloud Back office enables easy ERP integration including SAP, oracle and Microsoft. iVanPOS works in online/Offline mode making it user friendly.

iVanPOS is a simple, powerful, easy to use and a feature-rich solution developed for the sales and distribution industry to serve their needs in route accounting, direct store distributions, van sales, presell and in delivery confirmation.

It is designed to eliminate the need for back office paper-based accounting works and to enable on field sales using handheld terminals to improve the sales efficiency and reliability which allows a better visibility to the activities currently happening on the road. iVanPOS allows real time operation from invoicing, delivery status updates, to back office inventory checking to tracking and driver communications.

iVanPOS enables a single sales professional to efficiently serve the customer, to accept purchase orders, issue invoices, and to collect payments in a mobile environment usually trucks.


Trial Period 30 Days
Subscription 12 Months

Trial Period 30 Days, Subscription 12 Months


iVanPOS Cloud Back-Office 15 Users, 5 Devices, 1 Year License

Model No: iVanPOS System

iVanPOS Cloud Back-Office 15 Users, 5 Devices, 1 Year License