UHF RFID Fixed Reader & Anteena

Our fixed RFID readers help you achieve maximum asset and warehouse visibility throughout your enterprise. Enable better inventory management, goods transfer , goods delivery and enterprise asset tracking where you can see  your assets.

Pegasus RA101 RFID Flat Antenn..

Pegasus RA101 is circular polarization 8dBi UHF RFID antenna, could be installed and integrated in cabinet, cupboard etc. It's very convenient for projects like document management, library materials management, smart retail...

Pegasus RA102 RFID Antenna..

Original appearance designed high-end UHF RFID Antenna, high gain but low standing-wave ratio brings best performance. Engineering plastic housing, IP66 rugged. Widely used with our Pegasus RA102 fixed reader for assets tracking, warehouse management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle trackin..

Pegasus RA103 RFID Antenna..

Pegasus RA103 is a small UHF RFID antenna with wide frequency band (860 ~ 930MHz) design, low standing wave ratio and linear polarization characteristics, independent mold opening, engineering plastic shell, firm structure, high protection level, long-term work Good stability, widely used in forklif..

Pegasus RR101 Four Port RFID F..

Pegasus RR101 with Impinj R2000 platform and double power amplifier synthetic circuit, Second generation with more powerful, stronger, and smaller design, Max RFID module and antenna, reading distance up to 1-15m (max 9-20m), >500times/s, Linux OS carrying ARM9 CPU keeps high performance and 24hr..

Pegasus RR102 UHF RFID Reader..

Multi-interface small integrated machine Pegasus RR102 is a small UHF RFID reading and writing device with integrated antenna and reader. It supports ISO18000-6C protocol. The working frequency range covers national standard dual-frequency 920MHz~925MHz, 840MHz~845MHz and FCC, 902MHz~928MHz. ETSI, 8..

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