Self Checkout & Kiosk System

Self checkout is rapidly becoming popular with both retailers and consumers. 75% of people surveyed by Consumer Reports said that they liked them as a way to save time.

- Reduce cart abandonment

- More flexible than traditional cash register

- Less waiting than traditional checkout lanes

- Frees up store staff to serve customers in other ways

Free Standing Kiosk

Pegasus Free Standing kiosk series design for various tablet & ipad devices. Instant fixing using for various public places in airport, hospital, retail and restaurants area....

Restaurant - Self Pos Checkout

Pegasus Shelf checkout  Kiosk is a great way your restaurant can increase profits by serving more customers in less time and lowering labor costs. It's fast, easy, secure, and your customers will...

Self POS - Retail Self Checkout System

Pegasus Self Checkout Solution continue provide to Customers favor stores that enable them to complete their retail journeys rapidly.  retailers can accelerate the customer checkout process with ...

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