Bluetooth & WiFi are Available

As a portable sticker printer, Pegasus PM400  furnished with multiple functions. The small and exquisite body design allows users to carry the device conveniently and provides people with a smooth user experience. The industrial quality of this portable sticker printer produces first-rate printing stickers.

Fast Printing, available at any moment

Small in size, the mobile label printer is comprised of a 56-mm large paper compartment, which perfectly works for printing width from 2 inches to 4 inches. Fast in printing speed, PM400 can print multiple languages, numbers, graphs and barcodes up to 90mm/s.

More convenient Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth thermal label printer Pegasus PM400 supports dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 with a stable connection and improved data speeds. 

Random printing of multiple Labels

The portable sticker printer can print width adjusted freely, perfectly adapting to 2-3 inch paper rolls in all specifications, supporting black mark detection and gap detection and can print self-adhesive labels in different sizes.

Long endurance

1600mAh large-capacity battery guarantees the endurance of the whole-day operation.


Model No: PM400

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